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Conduct Policy

The Cache Valley Transit District enforces its conduct and nuisance policy on all CVTD vehicles and property. For a full copy of the policy please click here. Provided below is a list of appropriate Etiquette and behavior.

  • No person shall bring or carry on CVTD property a live animal other than a service animal unless such animal remains in an enclosed carry-on.
  • No consumption of food or beverage is allowed on a transit vehicle. No person shall bring food or beverage aboard a transit vehicle that is not kept in an enclosed container.
  • No person may create a hazardous or offensive condition including:
    1. Brandishing or discharging a firearm; threatening with or assaulting a person with a weapon;
    2. Smoking (includes E-cigarettes), spitting, defecating, urinating or discarding offensive substance in or on a transit vehicle or facility;
    3. Initiating or circulating a report, knowing it to be false, concerning a bomb, crime, fire, emergency;
    4. Subjecting any other person to offensive contact, extortion, harassment, lewd or offensive behavior;
    5. Engaging in fighting or violent, or threatening behavior;
    6. Making excessive and unnecessary noise;
    7. Using abusive language, obscene, profane or vulgar language or obscene gestures;
    8. Riding a skateboard, roller skates or roller blades upon any transit vehicle or facility.
  • No person shall interfere with the duties of an operator, public safety officer, or authorized representative.