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Route 15

USU, Smithfield, Richmond

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  • This stop has been permanently moved

    This stop has been permanently moved. Repacement stop is the new stop at Lowers meat.

    Unavailable Stop580 South Hwy 91 (North Cache Highway) Replacement StopN/A
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Scheduled Time Stops

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150 East 500 North
(Transit Center)
05:00 AM05:45 AM06:30 AM07:15 AM08:00 AM09:30 AM11:00 AM12:30 PM02:00 PM02:45 PM03:30 PM04:15 PM05:00 PM06:30 PM
902 East 700 North
(Distance Education)
05:04 AM05:49 AM06:34 AM07:19 AM08:04 AM09:34 AM11:04 AM12:34 PM02:04 PM02:49 PM03:34 PM04:19 PM05:04 PM06:34 PM
2046 North 1200 East
(North Logan City Offices)
05:10 AM05:55 AM06:40 AM07:25 AM08:10 AM09:40 AM11:10 AM12:40 PM02:10 PM02:55 PM03:40 PM04:25 PM05:10 PM06:40 PM
67 East Hyde Park Lane
(Hyde Park Church)
05:15 AM06:00 AM06:45 AM07:30 AM08:15 AM09:45 AM11:15 AM12:45 PM02:15 PM03:00 PM03:45 PM04:30 PM05:15 PM06:45 PM
486 South 250 East
(Sky View)
05:20 AM06:05 AM06:50 AM07:35 AM08:20 AM09:50 AM11:20 AM12:50 PM02:20 PM03:05 PM03:50 PM04:35 PM05:20 PM06:50 PM
39 South State
(Richmond Fair Grounds/End Stop)
05:40 AM06:25 AM07:10 AM07:55 AM08:40 AM10:10 AM11:40 AM01:10 PM02:40 PM03:25 PM04:10 PM04:55 PM05:40 PM07:10 PM
50 East 100 North
(Civic Center)
05:49 AM06:34 AM07:19 AM08:04 AM08:49 AM10:19 AM11:49 AM01:19 PM02:49 PM03:34 PM04:19 PM05:04 PM05:49 PM07:19 PM
491 South 250 East
(Sky View)
05:55 AM06:40 AM07:25 AM08:10 AM08:55 AM10:25 AM11:55 AM01:25 PM02:55 PM03:40 PM04:25 PM05:10 PM05:55 PM07:25 PM
40 East Hyde Park Lane
(HP Lane Church/Time Stop)
06:02 AM06:47 AM07:32 AM08:17 AM09:02 AM10:32 AM12:02 PM01:32 PM03:02 PM03:47 PM04:32 PM05:17 PM06:02 PM07:32 PM
2041 North 1200 East
(Firestation N. Logan/CC School District)
06:09 AM06:54 AM07:39 AM08:24 AM09:09 AM10:39 AM12:09 PM01:39 PM03:09 PM03:54 PM04:39 PM05:24 PM06:09 PM07:39 PM
903 East 700 North
(Education Bldg)
06:15 AM07:00 AM07:45 AM08:30 AM09:15 AM10:45 AM12:15 PM01:45 PM03:15 PM04:00 PM04:45 PM05:30 PM06:15 PM07:45 PM
150 East 500 North
(Transit Center)
06:25 AM07:10 AM07:55 AM08:40 AM09:25 AM10:55 AM12:25 PM01:55 PM03:25 PM04:10 PM04:55 PM05:40 PM06:25 PM07:55 PM